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Member of the Haywood Chamber of Commerce

Our staff, our residents and our volunteers are your friends and neighbors. We are all part of Haywood County and we believe that what touches one of us touches all of us.  Therefore, not only do we strive to make Smoky Mountain Health and Rehabilitation Center a safe, comfortable and caring place to live, we work hard to bring those qualities to the surrounding community.

Our staff is committed to making this community a better place to live. That is why you will find us volunteering at the local schools, participating on local boards and lending our time and energy to many volunteer efforts.

Moreover, the effort does not stop at our staff. Our wonderful residents join us in many of our outreach programs. Whether it is inviting the community to join us for one of our celebrations, cheering on the local teams or raising money for a worthy cause you will find our Resident’s Council in the thick of it.