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Resident Stories

Belle Stewart

Belle Stewart

Belle’s Story 

” I came to smoky Mountain Health and Rehabilitation after my hip surgery.  I requested Smoky Mountain Health and Rehabilitation because I had heard such excellent things about this place and the people who work here.  I found everyone to be nice and pleasant. The care I received was wonderful! I couldn’t ask for better.  When you get treated like you are the only one in the whole place it’s very unique.  Anywhere else you are in the “lump sum”.   I asked if I could volunteer to make jewelry with the residents that lived here.  I have 40 years of experience and have a business, J and B Minerals. When I told my friends that are jewelers or have craft shops about volunteering, they donated beads to use at the jewelry classes.  They were thrilled to be a part of my plan.  What I’m doing here is helping others.  This helps me.   It’s the way I was raised.   This is important to me.”

— Belle Stewart


 More About Belle from our Activities Director

Belle Stewart is a volunteer at Smoky Mountain Health and Rehabilitation.  She has contributed so much to the activities department.  The residents know and remember her.  She relates well to all residents and family members.  “Beading with Belle” has quickly become a favorite with residents and family members alike.  Residents, regardless of their ability, are able to contribute to the construction of their piece of jewelry.  Each class is two hours in duration.  Residents enjoy the class so much that our time spent goes quickly.


Harrison and Lucille Linger

Harrison and Lucille Linger

From the Linger’s

“The care is very good. The staff are polite and courteous. The staff is friendly and interested in the residents. We just couldn’t do much better.” — Harrison and Lucille Linger




The Painter Family

“My brother Johnny has been a resident for nearly fifteen years. During that time he has established a special relationship with the staff-some of whom have been with him the entire time.” — Linda Arnold and Johnny Painter